Din3D importer for 3ds max

Din3D files quickly and simply imported in AUTODESK 3ds Max. It is suggested for those ArchiCAD users who use 3ds max for the model visualisation. It Significantly cleanses the geometry of the model there by reducing the time spent to repair your model. Replacement of model is also possible while all the settings remain the same.

The objective of the development of this file format was that it could, as much as possible, provide the visualization programs with the information of the structure and hierarchy of ArchiCAD beside the 3D model. There is possibility to transfer much more information than with the simple 3ds file format.

Significant speed acceleration in 1.5 version
Din3D Connection


Selective importing The following ArchiCAD’s content can be imported:
  • 3D model
  • Lights
  • Cameras
  • Materials
  • Textures
Usage of different filter levels You would like to see again the 3D model in a meaningful structure. There is no obstacle to it. You can use these filters, either individually or in combination.
  • Stories
  • Classes (wall, ceiling, etc….)
  • Layers
  • Elements
  • Materials
  • In addition, it is possible to import ArchiCAD objects as single objects.
High polygon optimization. The importer tries to minimize errors in the 3D model. It offers the following features for it:
  • Welding vertices
  • Automatic edge calculation
  • Remove Double Faces
  • Reduce Multiple Edges
  • Remove Coplanar Faces (in windows)
  • Remove Zero Area Faces
  • Fix normals after smooth
  • Significantly reduces the number of Open Edges
  • Significant speed acceleration in 1.5 version
  • I use own algorithms, because the 3ds Max built-in was very slow
    • Vertex Welding
    • Smooth Group Calculation
  • Support single or multi Material
  • Gamma corrected Material Colors
  • Vray Wire Color compatible input possible
  • UVW vertex weld
  • Possible use ‘Real World Texture Scale’
  • Presets
  • Scale conversion
  • Unicode support: different language characters can be received correctly from ArchiCAD.


Actual Version: 1.87
(2024-04-20 Changelog)
Download and try Din3D importer plugin for 3ds Max.

In Demo version you can import 10 times, but model update is not possible. Din3D importer for 3ds Max is available now for 59 Euros in webshop.

Remember that the importer plugin itself is good for nothing. To use it, you’ll need the exporter as well. The Din3D exporter for ArchiCAD is available free of charge.

System Requirements

3ds max compatibility:



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