Changes in the C4D plugin license terms


As many people complained that the license should not be connected to the computer, it has also changed. From now  the registration code links to your own Cinema 4D serial first 11 digits (similar to the other plugin)  .
R14 plugin released. Besides many small adjustment finished on each plugin. Please update your importer and exporter.

ArchiCAD (2.12)

  • [New feature]: Texture compression options
  • [New feature]: Export Class Index
  • [New feature]: Export Object GUID
  • [New feature]: Export texture mirrored datas
  • [Improvement]: Preferences Stored in Registry
  • [Improvement]: In GDLM material name
  • [Improvement]: Bring to foreground Cinema 4D (only windows)

Max (1.12)

  • Preparation for the 2.12 version of the exporter
  • [New feature]: Remove coplanar faces in windows and doors (2.12 exporter required)
  • [New feature]: Support Single-Material mode VrayWireColor
  • [New feature]: Gamma corrected Material Colors
  • [Improvement]: In materials
  • [Improvement]: UVW map rotation
  • [Improvement]: Presets Management

C4D (2.10)

  • Preparation for the 2.12 version of the exporter
  • Available for Cinema 4D R14
  • [Licensing]: Changes in Code generation and licensing (use Cinema 4D first 11 digit)
  • [Improvement]: In materials
  • [Improvement]: UVW map rotation
  • [Bugfix]:   GetActiveDocument Bug
  • [Bugfix]:   Reverse Normals in Update



Cinema 4D plugin finished


I finished the Cinema 4D plugin. Completly rewrite all, becose to the functions you want to be included.
I hope will be useful for small stuff and many of you will use.
At the same time prepared to ArchiCAD 16 plugin as well. Who use the Max to be able to be updated to read the new format.



To progress Max plugin

So much of the developing Din3D importer for 3ds Max. New features have been included for convenience of use.
These highlight a few. A detailed list can be found here.

  • The most important of the Presets management.
  • I try as much as possible to pass parameters of the lights. This function is limited, since with ArchiCAD light parameters are quite poor.
  • The Multi-Material-s treatment also significantly improved.
  • Completed 3ds Max 2013 plugin.
  • The installer is now also find 3ds Design.
  • The manual installation works.

Do not forget to take advantage of new features to be used in fresh exporter.
Slow to release ArchiCAD 16 version, I try to be ready by then the Cinema 4D plugin.